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Credits & Attribution



Data Explorer

Local Observatory Data

  • Local observatory data - Birds: Photo by Misjel Decleer in the VLIZ Photo Gallery
    • LifeWatch Data Explorer - Bird GPS tracking data: Screenshot of the LifeWatch Data Explorer website
    • GPS data of the tracking network for large birds
      • Real time bird data:
        • European Herring Gull
        • Lesser Black-backed Gull
        • Western Marsh Harrier
      • Historical bird data
      • Live feed webcam Oostende:
      • Mediagallery
    • Bird tracking explorer: Screenshot of the bird tracking explorer application
    • Broedvogel database
    • Watervogels database
    • Seabirds at Sea: Screenshot of the Seabirds at Sea application
  • Local observatory data - Fish
    • LifeWatch Data Explorer - Fish telemetry data: Screenshot of the LifeWatch Data Explorer website
    • Cod movements at windmill farm
    • European Tracking Network (ETN)
    • Fish Information System (VIS)
  • Local observatory data - Insects
    • Vlinder database
    • Coccinellidae
    • Saltabel
  • Local observatory data - Vegetation
    • Florabank

Thematic Remote Sensing Data

  • Land surface dynamics by remote sensing
  • LifeWatch-WB ecotope database

Antarctic Observation Data

  • Antarctic Field Guide
  • ANTABIF Data Portal
  • iAtlas
  • mARS

DNA Barcode Database

  • Barcoding of Organisms and tissues of Policy Concern (BopCo): BopCo logo

LifeWatch Data Archeology Activities

  • Marine data archeology
    • Scientific papers on the Belgian Antarctic Expedition [1897-1899]: Photo by Collectie Omer Villain
    • Scientific papers on the Belgian Arctic Expedition [1907]: Photo by Duc d'Orléans
    • Temperature and salinity data in the Southern North Sea and the English Channel [1903-1965]: Photo by ...
    • Zooplankton data from Belgian research campaigns in the Southern North Sea [1902-1979]: Photo by ...
    • Historical Kenyan-Belgian research datasets [1873-1999]: Photo by Seys Jan (VLIZ)
    • Historical catch data from shrimp fisheries in the Belgian Part of the North Sea [1932-2001]: Photo by ...
    • Historical Sluice Dock datasets [1960-1991]: Photo by Archief Raoul Halewyck and L. Van Bollé in Gilson (1914)
    • Water temperature and salinity measurements on board the lightship West-Hinder [1904-1979]: Photo by Author Unknown and Anoniem in Gilson (1914)

Global Data Systems

  • European Ocean Biogeographic Information System (EurOBIS)
  • Explore the variation of Belgian marine species over time (EurOBIS dynamic tool)
  • EMODnet Biology Data Portal
  • Aphia taxonomic database
  • Marine Regions Gazetteer
  • Integrated Marine Environmental Readings & Samples (IMERS)
  • MarineSPEED: Marine SPEcies with Environment Dataset
  • Bio-ORACLE

LifeWatch Belgium Dataset Catalogue

  • LifeWatch Belgium Datasets: Icon created by ...

Taxonomic Backbone