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Hexacorallians of the World


Hexacorallians of the World consists of a compilation of publications concerning taxonomy, nomenclature, and geographic distribution of extant hexacorallians - members of cnidarian orders

  • Actiniaria (sea anemones in the strict sense),
  • Antipatharia (black corals),
  • Ceriantharia (tube anemones),
  • Corallimorpharia (sea anemones in the loose sense),
  • Ptychodactiaria (sea anemones in the loose sense),
  • Scleractinia (hard or stony corals), and
  • Zoanthidea (sea anemones in the loose sense).

Data include: bibliographic reference to the work in which each taxon was originally described, synonymy of each taxon, taxonomic status of each taxon, images of many species - from the published literature as well as previously unpublished ones, type specimens - by species and by museum, type locality of each species, published distribution of each species, list of relevant publications by each author, and classification schemes of Hexacorallia.

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Hexacorallia of the World is one of the External Global Species Databases linked to WoRMSWoRMS has access to the taxonomy of the Actiniaria and the Corallimorpharia from this database. The remaining Hexacorallian groups are managed directly within WoRMS by other taxonomic experts.