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Book scanner

Within the context of several digitizing projects, the VLIZ Library installed an Atiz BookDrive Pro professional book scanner in March 2013. 

Atiz BookDrive Pro

The scanner model is widely used and has for instance also been selected for the mass scanning operations of the Biodiversity Heritage Library consortium. Contrary to conventional scanners, books are placed in a V-shaped book cradle, which prevents damage to the publications.

The BookDrive Pro primarily serves for digitizing Belgian marine literature. The device is also used for scanning marine publications with specific characteristics such as oversized or undersized books, very fragile or rare copies, or historical works. With this infrastructure, large portions of the library collection can be scanned and stored in high quality. For data archeology purposes within the LifeWatch project, Belgian (marine) literature will be text-analyzed and screened with taxonomic recognition software, enabling direct linking with taxonomic records in the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) database.

The professional book scanner in action (©VLIZ - Verhaeghe)