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VLIZ Marine Scientist Day 2016

On February 12th 2016, several demo sessions at the VLIZ Marine Scientist Day in Bruges (Belgium) highlighted different aspects of the Flemish LifeWatch infrastructure, and its related components:

  • The LifeWatch infrastructure (demo through poster series) [Dekeyzer Stefanie, Klaas Deneudt, Leen Vandepitte, Annelies Goffin, Simon Claus and Francisco Hernandez]
  • Building an online and interactive scientific data explorer for LifeWatch observatory data [Deneudt Klaas, Pieter Maes, Bart Vanhoorne and Francisco Hernandez]
  • Marine data archeology: a heritage for future science [Goffin Annelies, Carolien Knockaert and Elien Dewitte]
  • Lifewatch acoustic receiver network: setup of a PostgreSQL database, web interface and collaborative environment to cope with big data [Reubens Jan, Pieterjan Verhelst, Klaas Deneudt and Francisco Hernandez]
  • MarineRegions.org: a standard list of marine georeferenced place names and areas [Oset Garcia Paula, Simon Claus, Nathalie De Hauwere, Bart Vanhoorne, Francisco Souza Dias, Francisco Hernandez and Jan Mees]
Oral presentations mentioning/based on the Belgian LifeWatch infrastructure:
  • HPLC-pigment fingerprinting for long-term monitoring of coastal phytoplankton [De Blok Reinhoud, Anja Nohe, Lennert Tyberghein, Klaas Deneudt, Jonas Mortelmans, Thanos Gkritzalis, Koen Sabbe Koen and Wim Vyverman]
  • Measuring biodiversity with a bottle of water: development and field validation of an eDNA approach with plaice [Grosemans Tara, Jana Asselman, Pieter Boets, Karel De Schamphelaere and Colin R. Janssen]
  • Raising healthy chicks: diet effects on chick development of Lesser Black-backed Gulls [Sotillo Alejandro, Catia Santos and Luc Lens]

Poster presentations mentioning/based on the Belgian LifeWatch infrastructure:

  • A Marine Species Benchmark Dataset for Ecological Modelling [Bosch Samuel, Lennert Tyberghein and Olivier De Clerck]

  • Long-term phytoplankton monitoring data (1970-2015) from the Belgian North Sea reveal shifts in community composition and seasonal dynamics [Nohe Anja, Ruth Lagring, Karien De Cauwer, Annelies Goffin, Lennert Tyberghein, Klaas Deneudt, Wim Vyverman and Koen Sabbe]

  • Marine migration routes of North-western European silver eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) [Verhelst Pieterjan]

The book of abstracts is available here.

Xaverianenstraat 10
8200 Brugge
Friday, February 12, 2016 - 09:00 to 17:00