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Northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in the Norwegian Deep and Skagerrak, 1984-2017
Søvik, Guldborg; Thangstad, Trude Hauge (2018): Northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in the Norwegian Deep and Skagerrak, 1984-2017

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Availability: Creative Commons License This dataset is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The survey data consist of: 1) one time series from 1984-2002 (October/November) using R/V Michael Sars and the Campelen-trawl; 2) a point estimate for 2003 (October) as R/V Michael Sars was taken out of service and substituted with R/V Håkon Mosby, whose winches at that time were not powerful enough for the Campelen-trawl, resulting in the survey being conducted with the Shrimp trawl 1420; 3) a start of a potential new time series as the survey in both 2004 and 2005 was conducted in May/June with R/V Håkon Mosby using the standard Campelen trawl; and 4) one time series from 2006 until present (January/February), using R/V Håkon Mosby and the Campelen trawl. From 2017 R/V Håkon Mosby has been substituted with R/V Kristine Bonnevie. In 2016, there were technical problems with the survey trawl (unequal wire lengths of the trawl gear) and this year’s data are considered to be non-representative of the stock status.

Biology > Benthos
Marine, ANE, North Sea, ANE, Skagerrak, EurOBIS calculated BBOX, Pandalus borealis Krøyer, 1838

Geographical coverage
ANE, North Sea [Marine Regions]
ANE, Skagerrak [Marine Regions]
EurOBIS calculated BBOX Stations
Bounding Box
Coordinates: MinLong: -0,2333; MinLat: 57,4383 - MaxLong: 10,97; MaxLat: 59,9267 [WGS84]

Temporal coverage
From 1984 on [In Progress]

Taxonomic coverage
Pandalus borealis Krøyer, 1838 [WoRMS]

Institute of Marine Research (IMR), moredata creator

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EurOBIS: European Ocean Biodiversity Information System, more

Based on this dataset
Knutsen, H. et al. (2015). Does population genetic structure support present management regulations of the northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in Skagerrak and the North Sea? ICES J. Mar. Sci./J. Cons. int. Explor. Mer 72(3): 863-871., more
(2016). NAFO/ICES Pandalus Assessment Group Meeting, 7–14 September 2016, Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway. Scientific council studies. Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization, 16/17. CM Documents - ICES, CM 2016(ACOM:15). 65, annexes, appendices pp., more
Søvik, G.; Thangstad, T.H. (2016). Results of the Norwegian Bottom Trawl Survey for Northern Shrimp (Pandalus borealis)in Skagerrak and the Norwegian Deep (ICESDivisions IIIa and IVa east) in 2015 . Scientific Council Reports. Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization, 16/053. Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization: Canada. 30 pp., more
Tveite, S. (2000). Suitability of a fixed station shrimp abundance survey in the Skagerrak-Norwegian deeps for stock assessments and associated research. J. Northwest Atl. Fish. Sci. 27: 177-182, more
Describing this dataset
Thangstad, T.H. et al. (2016). Toktrapport. Reketokt i Norskerenna og Skagerrak, Januar 2016. Havforskningsinstituttet: Norway. 40 pp., more

Dataset status: In Progress
Data type: Data
Data origin: Monitoring: field survey
Metadatarecord created: 2017-07-07
Information last updated: 2018-04-13
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