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Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR)

Costerweg 50
6701 BH, Wageningen

Tel.: +31-(0)317 48 01 00
Fax: +31-(0)317-48 48 84
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Type: Scientific
Level: University

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  • Wageningen University and Research Centre; Alterra (WUR), more
  • Wageningen University and Research Centre; Bibliotheek (WUR), more
  • Wageningen University and Research Centre; Food & Biobased Research (WUR), more
  • Wageningen University and Research Centre; Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek (WUR-DLO), more
  • Wageningen University and Research Centre; University of Wageningen (WUR), more
  • Wageningen University and Research Centre; Van Hall Larenstein (WUR), more
  • Wageningen University and Research Centre; Wageningen Marine Research (WUR-WMR), more
  • Wageningen University and Research Centre; WUR-Laberatorium van Microbiologie (WUR-WUR-MIB), more

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  • Peer reviewed article Dannheim, J.; Bergström, L.; Birchenough, S.N.R.; Brzana, R.; Boon, A.R.; Coolen, J.W.P.; Dauvin, J.-C.; De Mesel, I.; Derweduwen, J.; Gill, A.B.; Hutchison, Z.L.; Jackson, A.C.; Janas, U.; Martin, G.; Raoux, A.; Reubens, J.; Rostin, L.; Vanaverbeke, J.; Wilding, T.A.; Wilhelmsson, D.; Degraer, S. (2020). Benthic effects of offshore renewables: identification of knowledge gaps and urgently needed research. ICES J. Mar. Sci./J. Cons. int. Explor. Mer 77(3): 1092-1108., more
  • Peer reviewed article Schutter, M.; Dorenbosch, M.; Driessen, F.M.L.; Lengkeek, W.; Bos, O.G.; Coolen, J.W.P. (2019). Oil and gas platforms as artificial substrates for epibenthic North Sea fauna: Effects of location and depth. J. Sea Res. 153: 101782., more
  • Jans, S. (2022). Map out renewable energy in the Greater North Sea. Suitable wind turbine locations based on open data. MSc Thesis. Wageningen University & Research: Wageningen. 109 pp., more
  • Poelman, M.; Smith, S. (2021). Schelpdieren en voedselveiligheid. Wageningen University & Research: Wageningen. 4 pp., more
  • Rijnsdorp, A.D.; Depestele, J.; Molenaar, P.; Eigaard, O.R.; Ivanovic, A.; O'Neill, F.G. (2020). A model approach to estimate the hydrodynamic drag and sediment mobilisation applied to tickler chain beam trawls and pulse beam trawls used in the North Sea fishery for sole. IMARES Wageningen Report, C056/20. Wageningen University & Research: IJmuiden. 35 pp., more
  • van den Bogaart, L.A.; Poelman, M.; Tonk, Linda; Neitzel, S.; van der Wal, J.T.; Coolen, J.W.P.; Machiels, M.; Rozemeijer, M.; De Boois, I.; Vergouwen, S.; van Duren, L.A. (2019). Geschiktheid zeewindparken voor maricultuur en passieve visserij: Een kwalitatieve beoordeling van geschiktheid van windparklocaties voor voedselproductie. Wageningen Marine Research Report, C044/19. Wageningen Marine Research: Yerseke. 76 pp., more
  • Dannheim, J.; Birchenough, S.; Beermann, J.; Garcia, C.; Coolen, J.W.P.; De Mesel, I.; Degraer, S. (2018). Benthic production and energy export from man-made structures to softbottoms: does it matter?, in: Mees, J. et al. (Ed.) Book of abstracts – 53rd European Marine Biology Symposium. Oostende, Belgium, 17-21 September 2018. VLIZ Special Publication, 82: pp. 37, more
  • Verhelst, P.; Huisman, J.; Reubens, J.; Baeyens, R.; Buysse, D.; Coeck, J.; Deneudt, K.; Goethals, P.; Griffioen, B.; Moens, T.; Nagelkerke, L.A.J.; Nolting, C.; Pauwels, I.; Schollema, P.P.; Van Keeken, O.; Winter, H.; Mouton, A. (2018). Heading South or North: novel insights on European silver eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) migration in the North Sea, in: Mees, J. et al. (Ed.) Book of abstracts – 53rd European Marine Biology Symposium. Oostende, Belgium, 17-21 September 2018. VLIZ Special Publication, 82: pp. 97, more
  • Visser, C.; van Son, B.; Van Dijk, C.; Hillen, M.; Van der Zwan, C.; Bouma, J. (2011). Welvarend Westerschelde: Duurzame havenontwikkeling als impuls voor natuur- en gebiedsontwikkeling. Royal Haskoning/WUR: Goes. 10 pp., more

Projects (17)  Top | Persons | Institutes | Publications | Events | Datasets 
  • 4D4Life: Distributed Dynamic Diversity Databases for Life, more
  • ALCHEMIS: Algae for chemicals and emission abatement, more
  • APELAFICO: Acoustic ecology of pelagic fish communities: a study into the effects of construction and exploitation of wind farms, more
  • AQUAEXCEL: Aquaculture infrastructures for excellence in European fish research, more
  • ARRAINA: Advanced Research Initiatives for Nutrition & Aquaculture, more
  • DYFS: Demersal Young Fish and Brown Shrimp Survey, more
  • EADGENE: European Animal Disease Genomics Network of Excellence for Animal Health and Food Safety, more
  • ECODIS: Dynamic sensing of pollution disasters and predictive modeling of their ecological impact, more
  • Effects of marine anthropogenic sound on free-ranging Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua), more
  • Effects of seismic survey sound on free-ranging Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua), more
  • EnAlgae: Energetic Algae, more
  • ERA-PG: European Research Area Plant Genomics, more
  • FISHBOOST: Improving European aquaculture by advancing selective breeding to the next level for the six main finfish species, more
  • MASPNOSE: Preparatory Action on Maritime Spatial Planning in the North Sea, more
  • MEG: Macrophytes in Estuarine Gradients, more
  • MIRACLES: Multi-product Integrated bioRefinery of Algae: from Carbon dioxide and Light Energy to high-value Specialties, more
  • POLYMODE: Novel Polysaccharide Modifying Enzymes to Optimise the Potential of Hydrocolloids for Food and Medical Applications, more

Events (3)  Top | Persons | Institutes | Publications | Projects | Datasets 
  • GEANS Stakeholder Event: Advances in DNA-based methods for marine management questions, more
  • Noordzeedagen 2006, more
  • Symposium Marine Biotechnology: Basics and Applications, more

Datasets (6)  Top | Persons | Institutes | Publications | Projects | Events 
  • MICA - Muskrat and coypu camera trap observations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, more
  • GEANS Data: Genetic tools for Ecosystem health Assessment in the North Sea region, more
  • Migration of silver eel from the Dutch Noordzeekanaal and adjacent waters, more
  • NIS NZK: GEANS NIS pilot - 2021 DNA-based spring and summer monitoring of eDNA/plankton/scrape sample by metabarcoding in the framework of the GEANS NIS pilot at Noordzeekanaal (NZK) by MAE-WUR., more
  • SBS BPNS RT: GEANS SBS pilot - 2020 DNA based soft bottom monitoring of macrobenthos in the framework of the ringtest at BPNS by WUR, more
  • Suspended sediment concentration - EMS-Dollard Water Framework Directive primary production measurements 2012-2013, more

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