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Paleobiology Database (PaleoBioDB)


The Paleobiology Database (PaleoBioDB) is a non-governemental, non-profit public resource for paleontological data. It has been organized and operated by a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, international group of paleobiological researchers. Its purpose is to provide global, collection-based occurrence and taxonomic data for organisms of all geological ages, as well as data services to allow easy access to data for independent development if analytical tools, visualization software, and applications of all types. The Database's broader goal is to encourage and enable data-driven collaborative efforts that address large-scale paleobiological questions.


Link with LifeWatch Species Information Backbone: 

The Paleobiology Database is part of the taxon match web service of the Belgian LifeWatch e-Lab, allowing your species list to be cross-checked with the available taxonomic information in PaleoBioDB.