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Turbellarian Taxonomic Database

url: http://turbellaria.umaine.edu/

The Turbellarian Taxonomic Database covers all turbellarian flatworms, including parasitic turbellarians.


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The Turbellarian Taxonomic Database is one of the External Global Species Databases linked to WoRMSIts content was used to create the original Turbellarian species list within WoRMS. Later on, the Research Group Biodiversity, Phylogeny and Population Studies of the University of Hasselt has developed the World Database of Proseriata and Kalyptorhynchia.

This relied and built on information already available in the Turbellarian Taxonomic Database, but with a focus on the truly free-living flatworms. This Proseriata and Kalyptorhynchia list is now seen as an addition to the Turbellarian Taxonomic Database, to which members of the Research Group of the University of Hasselt have also contributed.​