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LifeWatch @ Taverna workshop
2014-10-07 14:19:59
VLIZ is hosting a technical developers workshop in the framework of BioVel.

LifeWatch at the EMBS49
2014-09-15 10:34:18
Different aspects of the Belgian LifeWatch infrastructure were presented at the 49th European Marine Biology Symposium at St. Petersburg, Russia.

Major update of the Ostracoda in WoRMS
2014-08-26 13:48:49
Recently, over 38.000 new Ostracoda species names have been added to WoRMS, and more than 7.000 existing species names have been updated and verified.

LifeWatch INBO publishes the gull tracking data from the 2013 breeding season as open data
2014-07-29 13:45:18
Making the gull tracking data available to everyone using GBIF tools and CC0.

Bulletin of the LifeWatch Wallonia-Brussels project available online
2014-07-28 09:43:16
This second issue of the bulletin summarizes two land surface dynamics during the first half of the year 2014 in Europe: the snow and the vegetation phenology.

GBIF has awarded its 2014 Ebbe Nielsen Prize to Tony Rees
2014-07-15 09:55:53
GBIF has awarded its prestigious Ebbe Nielsen Prize for 2014 to Tony Rees, whose groundbreaking informatics tools have significantly advanced the delivery of data about life on Earth.

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