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Alien Eel ‘19437’ detected by Belgian LifeWatch acoustic receiver network
2014-12-11 11:16:14
A silver eel from the dutch project ‘Ruim baan voor vissen’ was detected by the Belgian LifeWatch acoustic receiver network, approximately six weeks after being tagged at Delfzijl, northern Holland.

23 winters of waterbird counts published as open data
2014-12-01 10:22:49
LifeWatch INBO just published another core data system of the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO) as open data: Watervogels - Wintering waterbirds in Flanders, Belgium.

FreshGEN: the Freshwater Gastropods of the European Neogene – a new thematic database
2014-11-21 13:55:20
The FreshGEN database contains species information on Neogene freshwater Gastropoda and has kindly offered to share its information with both MolluscaBase and WoRMS. Through this, MolluscaBase is taking an excellent start regarding the fossil component of the database, as no less than 4.360 new taxa were added.

Dag van de Wetenschap - Open house at VLIZ/LifeWatch laboratories
2014-11-21 10:00:39
VLIZ opens, for the first time, the doors of its Marine Station Ostend for the public at large.

NeMys – the World Database of Free-Living Marine Nematodes – has joined forces with WoRMS
2014-11-17 11:26:40
NeMys has recently been integrated into the World Register of Marine Species. In addition to all the WoRMS-functionalities, it also holds a number of online identification keys.

Belgian Biodiversity Platform Newsflash n°58
2014-11-06 11:01:58
The Biodiversity Newsflash n°58 has just been published

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