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The Belgian LifeWatch infrastructure is continuously generating biodiversity and ecosystems data through its local observatories and its data integration and archeology activities. Access to these data is provided through local, regional and global data systems.

Local observatory data

The themes below give access to the sensor data generated by the local marine-freshwater-terrestrial LifeWatch observatory.

Thematic remote sensing data

An interactive geoportal provides thematic pan-European remote sensing data made available by LifeWatch Wallonia-Brussels: vegetation cycle, snow probability, solar energy and fire frequency. A prototype geographic object-based integrated ecotope database of the Walloon Region is also available.

Antarctic observation data

The themes below give access to the Antarctic observation data of made available through the Belgian LifeWatch infrastructure: (1) Identify Antarctic biodiversity using the interactive Antarctic Field Guide; (2) Search, find, visualize and download Antarctic biodiversity data through the AntaBIF Data Portal; (3) Discover the Biogeographic Atlas of the Southern Ocean (iAtlas); and (4) Discover the Microbial Antarctic Resource System (mARS).

DNA barcode database

The BopCo project aims at developing a virtual laboratory, expertise forum and databank network facilitating the identification of biological samples of policy concern.

LifeWatch data archeology activities

The objectives of the Belgian LifeWatch data archeology activities are to fill in the spatial and temporal gaps in the biological data that is currently available to science, to resurface existing biological datasets and to improve the accessibility and visibility of the data for the scientific community.