Launch of the Hong-Kong Register of Marine Species – HKRMS -, a new regional list within WoRMS.

Added on 2016-03-14 13:25:49 by Vandepitte, Leen
Upon request of Terence Ng - researcher at the Swire Institute of Marine Science in Hong-Kong – a regional register for Hong-Kong has been created within WoRMS.
The HKRMS aims to provide a globally accessible platform for taxonomic information of marine species recorded in Hong Kong waters, for research purposes, but also for biodiversity education and the sustainable management of marine resources. The creation of the original list was funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) of the Hong Kong SAR Government. The effort of compiling and further maintaining the list is led by The Swire Institute of Marine Science, The University of Hong Kong.
The database has been checked by taxonomic experts of the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) as a procedure of quality assurance. A team of 5 thematic editors has been put together, in which each editor carries responsibility for a specific group of taxa. HKRMS also has an executive committee, whose members will make sure that the Register is actively maintained and making sure people are aware of its existence.
Users are able to use this Portal as a rapid tool to search for species occurring in the marine waters surrounding Hong-Kong and to browse the list using an up-to-date taxonomy under the responsibility of the many WoRMS taxonomic editors.
This Register – as WoRMS and all its sub-lists – is a work in progress. All additions and improvements are very much welcomed.


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