VLIZ Marine Science Day 2018

The VLIZ Marine Science Day has become an established event for all marine and coastal scientists in Flanders/Belgium and its neighbouring regions.

Dating back to its predecessor the 'IZWO Contact Days', this event has evolved since 2000 into an annual interdisciplinary and informative forum.

More than 300 – mostly young – marine and coastal experts from all disciplines come to this event to share knowledge from lectures, posters, demonstrations and interactive sessions. Not to be missed!

53rd European Marine Biology Symposium (EMBS53)

The 53rd European Marine Biology Symposium will be organized in Ostend by the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) and LifeWatch Belgium between September 17th and 21st, 2018. EMBS53 aims at linking the history, the present and the future of (European) marine biology. This edition will be special, as 2018 is a celebration year in Ostend: the first marine station ever worldwide was inaugurated exactly 175 years ago, in Ostend, by professor Pierre-Joseph Van Beneden.

LifeWatch-WoRMS Nemys Editor Workshop

This workshop is aimed at the taxonomic editors of the World Database of Free-Living Marine Nematodes (Nemys).

Further information and the workshop program will be posted later.

LifeWatch-WoRMS Talitraits Editor Workshop

This thematic editor workshop will target talitrids and their traits.

Further information and workshop program will be posted soon.

LifeWatch-WoRMS WRIMS Editor Workshop

This workshop is aimed at the taxonomic and thematic editors of the World Register of Introduced Marine Species (WRIMS).

Objectives of the workshop:

LifeWatch-WoRMS MolluscaBase Editor Workshop

In the week of 5-9 February 2018, the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) – host of Aphia, the online platform behind WoRMS and its many subregisters – welcomed Mollusca-experts for 4 days, to expand the content of MolluscaBase with their freshwater and terrestrial representatives and to document species traits.

GPS tracking network for large birds

Discover why and how large birds are tagged with lightweight, solar powered GPS tags.

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Fish acoustic receiver network

Learn more about the tagging of migratory fish in the Belgian coastal area and the Western Scheldt.

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Benthic samples

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Zooplankton samples

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Phytoplankton samples

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DNA samples

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