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Dag van de Wetenschap 2015

On November 22nd 2015, VLIZ celebrated Science Day (Dag van de Wetenschap). For this event, VLIZ opened the doors of its Marine Station Ostend (MSO) and the LifeWatch laboratories for the public at large, for the second year in a row. Several aspects of the Flemish LifeWatch infrastructure were presented: the environmental DNA lab, the fish acoustic tracking network, and the zooplankton monitoring during the monthly LifeWatch sampling campaigns. Furthermore, the RV Simon Stevin could be visited. The event attracted 301 visitors at the MSO, and 363 visitors for the RV Simon Stevin. This was less than in 2014 (800 visitors), which was to be expected due to bad weather conditions and the terror threat in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.

Marine Station Ostend (MSO)
RV Simon Stevin
8400 Oostende
Sunday, November 22, 2015 - 10:00 to 18:00