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BEMON: Biographical Etymology of Marine Organism Names
HANSSON, H. (2004). Data from BEMON, Biographical Etymology of Marine Organism Names
Contact: Hansson, Hans

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Biographies of Taxonomists working with Marine organisms & some of their presumed Friends more

Contents declaration: The biographies are most often very short, including at least (if known to me) full name, year of birth, year of decease (if applicable) and nationality. By a "taxonomist" is meant anyone, who has described one or more scientific name of organisms. "Presumed Friends" are persons occuring with their names in scientific names of organisms. The elements of this list were originally cut from a rather thick teaching aid compendium (or perhaps rather book - Hansson, H.G. 1998. Sydskandinaviska marina flercelliga evertebrater. utgåva 2. Länsstyrelsen, Västra Götaland, Miljöavdelningen 1998: 4. 294 + ix pp.), dealing with marine invertebrates from south Scandinavia - written in Swedish. When compiling this book, I tried as much as possible to explain the etymology of taxon names involved and for persons involved in such names micro-biographies were included. A somewhat later version of this work in 280 pages + sevelal index pages, although still in Swedish, is available as a pdf file here. (N.B. It is readable, but not possible to print or copy from) and its small bibliography - 10 pages - list (also pdf) is here. The collection of biographies below is simply sampled from this book by cutting and pasting, followed by a fast English translation. However, rather many extra zoologists and several phycologists have later been added. Sometimes, but not consistently, examples of taxa connected with the name of a certain person are given within brackets. English is not my native language, so you have to excuse linguistical (and idiolectical) peculiarities. Only etymologies involving non-mythological persons, i.e. biographies of flesh-and-blood persons, are included here. Because of the sampling method, the list is certainly biased. You will find a comparatively large amount of persons from Europe, especially Scandinavia, Britain and Germany, but rather few from other parts of the world, albeit the bias is probably less now, compared to the initial phase of the web version.

Bibliographic information, Data, Marine Genomics, Scientific personnel

University of Gothenburg; Tjärnö Marine Biological Laboratory (TMBL), moredata manager

Dataset status: In Progress
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Data origin: Literature research
Metadatarecord created: 2004-05-10
Information last updated: 2004-06-23
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