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Physico-chemical research data from the Eastern and Western Scheldt, NIOO-CEME [Fysico-chemische onderzoeksdata Ooster- en Westerschelde, NIOO-CEME]
Knuijt A.; Soetaert K.; Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee - NIOZ Yerseke, The Netherlands; (2008): Fysico-chemische onderzoeksdata Ooster- en Westerschelde.
Contact: Knuijt, Adri

Access data
Availability: Restricted
The data are withheld from general circulation and disclosure but access may be obtained on a case-by-case basis through negotiation

Notes: Restrictions available at contact person

Physico-chemical analysis was performed between 1995 and 2008 in the Western and Eastern Scheldt. Nutrients, Zooplankton, phytoplankton, absorption, pH, temperature,… are collected and analysed in this large dataset.

Biology > Pigments (e.g. chlorophyll), Physical > Hydrography (e.g. T,S) - near surface only, Water composition > Nutrients
Marine/Coastal, Brackish water, ANE, Netherlands, Oosterschelde, ANE, Netherlands, Oosterschelde, Keeten, ANE, Netherlands, Oosterschelde, Zandkreek, ANE, Netherlands, Oosterschelde, Zeelandbrug, ANE, Netherlands, Sloehaven, ANE, Netherlands, Voordelta, Roompot, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Baalhoek, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Bath, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Breskens, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Ellewoutsdijk, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Hansweert, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Hoedekenskerke, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Lodijkse Gat , ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Margarethapolder, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Perkpolder, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Terneuzen, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Terneuzen, Griete, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Waarde, ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Walsoorden, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Antwerp, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Dendermonde, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Hoboken, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Lillo, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Punt van Melsele, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Rupelmonde, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Temse, Belgium, Zeeschelde, Zandvliet, Netherlands, Krammer, Netherlands, Schouwen, Netherlands, Zeeland, Borsele, Netherlands, Zeeland, Ritthem, Netherlands, Zeeland, Westkapelle

Geographical coverage
ANE, Netherlands, Oosterschelde Stations [Marine Regions]
Oosterschelde - Schaar van Yerseke
Coordinates: Long: 4,0402; Lat: 51,5223 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Oosterschelde, Keeten Stations [Marine Regions]
Keeten - Krabbekreek
Coordinates: Long: 4,0791; Lat: 51,6246 [WGS84]
Keeten -A
Coordinates: Long: 3,92; Lat: 51,6188 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Oosterschelde, Zandkreek [Marine Regions]
ANE, Netherlands, Oosterschelde, Zeelandbrug [Marine Regions]
ANE, Netherlands, Sloehaven Stations [Marine Regions]
W5 Sloehaven
Coordinates: Long: 3,6693; Lat: 51,4352 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Voordelta, Roompot [Marine Regions]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Baalhoek [Marine Regions]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Bath [Marine Regions]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Breskens Stations [Marine Regions]
SSvH Breskens
Coordinates: Long: 3,5663; Lat: 51,4127 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Ellewoutsdijk [Marine Regions]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Hansweert [Marine Regions]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Hoedekenskerke Stations [Marine Regions]
Boei 10
Coordinates: Long: 3,9214; Lat: 51,4173 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Lodijkse Gat Stations
Lodijkse gat - Pietermanskreek
Coordinates: Long: 4,1376; Lat: 51,4905 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Margarethapolder
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Perkpolder [Marine Regions]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Terneuzen Stations [Marine Regions]
W20 Terneuzen
Coordinates: Long: 3,8244; Lat: 51,3489 [WGS84]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Terneuzen, Griete [Marine Regions]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Waarde [Marine Regions]
ANE, Netherlands, Westerschelde, Walsoorden [Marine Regions]
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Antwerp [Marine Regions]
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Dendermonde [Marine Regions]
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Hoboken [Marine Regions]
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Lillo [Marine Regions]
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Punt van Melsele Stations [Marine Regions]
Boei 105 - Punt van Melsele
Coordinates: Long: 4,3205; Lat: 51,2515 [WGS84]
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Rupelmonde [Marine Regions]
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Temse [Marine Regions]
Belgium, Zeeschelde, Zandvliet [Marine Regions]
Netherlands, Krammer Stations [Marine Regions]
Coordinates: Long: 4,1061; Lat: 51,6577 [WGS84]
Netherlands, Schouwen Stations [Marine Regions]
Schouwen 4
Coordinates: Long: 3,5627; Lat: 51,6799 [WGS84]
Netherlands, Zeeland, Borsele [Marine Regions]
Netherlands, Zeeland, Ritthem [Marine Regions]
Netherlands, Zeeland, Westkapelle [Marine Regions]

Temporal coverage
20 July 1981 - 20 December 1982
16 February 1982 - 3 August 1988
3 March 1995 - 2010

19'-Butanoyloxyfucoxanthin, Alloxanthin, Alpha-Carotene, Ammonia (NH3), C:N:P ratio (molair) 1e, Canthaxanthin, Chlorinity, Chlorophyll a, Chlorophyll a + allomer/isomer, Chlorophyll b, Chlorophyll c3, Chlorophyllide, Conductivity, Depth, Diadinoxanthin, Diatoxanthin, Dissolved hydrolysable phosphorus (P), Dissolved organic carbon (DOC), Dissolved oxygen % saturation, Dissolved oxygen (O2), Echinenone, Free phosphate concentration (PO43-), Fucoxanthin, Lutein, Molar ratio C:N, Neoxanthin, Nitrate (NO3-), Nitrate (NO3-) + Nitrite (NO2-), Nitrite (NO2-), Optical Density (OD) of water; absorption at 320 nm, Optical Density (OD) of water; absorption at 380 nm, Optical Density (OD) of water; absorption at 440 nm, Optical Density (OD) of water; absorption at 550 nm, Organic carbon (OC), Peridinin, pH, Phaeophorbide a, Phaeophytin a, Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), 400-700 nm, Salinity, Secchi depth, Silicon (Si) concentration, Solid particulate matter in water, Sulphate (SO42-) concentration, Sum Chlorophyll-c1+2, S-value of ln(OD) between 300 and 550 nm, Temperature, Temperature in water, Tide, Total hydrolysable phosphate (PO43-), Total nitrogen (N), Turbidity, Urea in seawater, Violaxanthin, Wetstar (Chlorophyll concentration), Y-intercept of ln(OD) between 300 and 550 nm, Zeaxanthin

Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee; NIOZ Yerseke, moredata owner

Dataset status: Completed
Data type: Data
Data origin: Monitoring: field survey
Metadatarecord created: 2009-01-15
Information last updated: 2017-07-17
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