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Zooplankton community of Shirazi bay (Kenya) sampled between April and December 1998
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Anyango C.; Daro N.; Ecological Marine Management Programme (ECOMAMA); Laboratorium voor Ecologie en Systematiek; Vakgroep Biologie; Faculteit Wetenschappen. VUB: Belgium; (2016): Zooplankton community of Shirazi bay (Kenya) sampled between April and December 1998.

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Availability: Creative Commons License This dataset is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Density on zooplankton taxa and related environmental variables (chlorophyll a, dissolved oxygen and biological oxygen demand) for 30 samples taken in Shirazi Bay from 15 April to 16 December 1998. The data were digitized by VLIZ from the original report: Anyango, C. (2000). The zooplankton community of Shirazi Bay, Kenya. MSc Thesis. VUB: Brussel. 81 pp. more

The species composition of the zooplankton community of Shirazi Bay, Kenya was studied in 1998. A total of 30 samples were analyzed. Chlorophyll a, biological oxygen demand and dissolved oxygen concentrations were also determined each time, and were later used to analyse the species data. Maximum values of zooplankton abundance were reported in mid-April (1161 ± 169 indiv.m^-3), and the lowest was at the end of April (300 ± 35 indiv.m^-3). Total abundance of zooplankton varied from 911 ± 165 indiv.m^-3 in station 3 to 262 ± 54 indiv.m^-3 in station 5. The most important taxa encountered included: Calanoida, Brachyura, Oikolpeura, Amphipoda, Mysidaceae, Polychaeta and Chaetognatha. Calanoida was the most dominant taxon sampled and it made up 46% of the total zooplankton abundance.

Biology > Ecology - biodiversity, Biology > Plankton > Zooplankton
Marine/Coastal, Environmental variables, ISW, Kenya, Coast, Shirazi bay, EurOBIS calculated BBOX, ISW, Kenyan Coast, Acari, Amphipoda, Bivalvia, Brachyura, Calanoida, Chaetognatha, Crustacea, Cumacea, Cyclopoida, Decapoda, Gastropoda, Harpacticoida, Hydrozoa, Insecta, Isopoda, Mysida, Oikopleura Mertens, 1830, Ostracoda, Poecilostomatoida, Polychaeta, Pycnogonida, Siphonophora, Tintinnina

Geographical coverage
EurOBIS calculated BBOX Stations
Bounding Box
Coordinates: MinLong: 39,41; MinLat: -4,59 - MaxLong: 39,44; MaxLat: -4,52 [WGS84]
ISW, Kenyan Coast Stations [Marine Regions]
Shirazi Bay

Temporal coverage
15 April 1998 - 16 December 1998

Taxonomic coverage
Acari [WoRMS]
Amphipoda [WoRMS]
Bivalvia [WoRMS]
Brachyura [WoRMS]
Calanoida [WoRMS]
Chaetognatha [WoRMS]
Crustacea [WoRMS]
Cumacea [WoRMS]
Cyclopoida [WoRMS]
Decapoda [WoRMS]
Gastropoda [WoRMS]
Harpacticoida [WoRMS]
Hydrozoa [WoRMS]
Insecta [WoRMS]
Isopoda [WoRMS]
Mysida [WoRMS]
Oikopleura Mertens, 1830 [WoRMS]
Ostracoda [WoRMS]
Poecilostomatoida [WoRMS]
Polychaeta [WoRMS]
Pycnogonida [WoRMS]
Siphonophora [WoRMS]
Tintinnina [WoRMS]

Biochemical oxygen demand, Chlorophyll a, Density, Dissolved oxygen (O2)

Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee (VLIZ), moredata manager
Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Faculteit Wetenschappen; Vakgroep Biologie; Ecological Marine Management Programme (ECOMAMA), moredata creator
Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Faculteit Wetenschappen; Vakgroep Biologie; Laboratorium voor Ecologie en Systematiek (ECOL), moredata creatordata creator
University of Nairobi, moredata creator
Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute Mombasa Centre (KMFRI), moredata creator

Related datasets
Parent dataset:
Historical Kenyan-Belgian research datasets (1873-1999), more
Published in:
EurOBIS: European Ocean Biodiversity Information System, more

Based on this dataset
Anyango, C. (2000). The zooplankton community of Shirazi Bay, Kenya. MSc Thesis. VUB: Brussel. 81 pp., more

Dataset status: Completed
Data type: Data
Data origin: Research: field survey
Metadatarecord created: 2016-03-24
Information last updated: 2016-03-24
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