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Interfacultary Center For Marine Research (ULG-MARE)

Parent institute: Université de Liège (ULG), more

Thesaurus terms (6) : Biological oceanography; Chemical oceanography; Coastal oceanography; Geological oceanography; Oceanography; Physical oceanography

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Type: Scientific

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Oceanology has grown together with the joint progresses in Applied Sciences (Hydrography, marine Hydrodynamics, coastal and offshore Engineering) and Fundamental Sciences (marine Chemistry, Biology and Geosciences). Integrating these complementary disciplines through pluridisciplinary field works on one hand, and mathematical modelling in another hand, Oceanology is in essence a multidisciplinary research domain.

This scientific environment has naturally led to the creation of a Interfaculty Research Centre within the Liège University with following partners:


  • Laboratory of Oceanology (J.M. Bouquegneau - K. Das - S. Gobert - M. Grégoire - J.H. Hecq - G. Lepoint)

  • GeoHydrodynamics and Environmental Research (GHER) (J.M. Beckers - S. Djenidi - J. Nihoul - M. Rixen - F. Ronday)

  • Chemical Oceanography Unit (A. Borges - M. Frankignoulle †)

  • Laboratory of Atmospheric and Planetary Physics (L. François)

  • Research Unit in Geomatics (Y. Cornet - J.P. Donnay)

  • Laboratory of Physical and Quaternary Geography (M. Erpicum - A. Ozer)

  • Laboratory of Economical Geography (B. Mérenne-Schoumaker)

  • Research Unit on Clays & Paleoclimates (N. Fagel)

  • Laboratory of Petrology and Geochemistry (J. Vander Auwera)

  • Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry (E. De Pauw)

  • Centre for Protein Engineering (A. Wilmotte)

  • Laboratory of Animal Physiology (A. Péqueux)

  • Laboratory of Animal Ecology and Ecotoxicology (J.C. Bussers - M. Poulicek)

  • Laboratory of Functional Morphology (P. Vandewalle)

  • Laboratory of Eco-Ethology and Zoogeography (J. Michaux)

  • Aquarium Dubuisson (Ch. Michel - J. Voss)

  • Aquapôle (A. Goffart)

  • Laboratory of Paleobotany and Micropaleontology (M. Vanguestaine)

  • Laboratory of Algology, Mycology and Experimental Systematics (V. Demoulin)

  • Laboratory "Systematics and animal Diversity" (P. Dauby)


  • Laboratory of Hydrogeology (A. Dassargues - A. Monjoie)

  • Laboratory of General Mathematics (E. Delhez)

  • Laboratory of Naval Architecture and Transport System Analysis (J. Marchal)

  • Laboratory of Hydromechanics (A. Lejeune)


  • Unit of International Economical Law (F. Dehousse - P. Vincent)


  • Laboratory of General Animal Pathology (F. Coignoul)

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  • Peer reviewed article Kozlov, I.E.; Krek, E.V.; Kostianoy, A.G.; Dailidiene, I. (2020). Remote sensing of ice conditions in the Southeastern Baltic Sea and in the Curonian Lagoon and validation of SAR-based ice thickness products. Remote Sens. 12(22): 3754., more
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  • Peer reviewed article Capet, A.; Meysman, Filip; Akoumianaki, I.; Soetaert, K.; Grégoire, M. (2016). Integrating sediment biogeochemistry into 3D oceanic models: a study of benthic-pelagic coupling in the Black Sea. Ocean Modelling 101: 83-100., more
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  • Peer reviewed article Djenidi, S. (2012). Comment on "A set of rapid-response models for pollutant dispersion assessments in southern Spain coastal waters" by R. Perianez and F. Caravaca, Marine Pollution Bulletin 60 (2010) 1412-1422. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 64(4): 888-889., more
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  • BENCORE: Belgian Network for Coastal Reseach, more

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