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Mackay, Kevin

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    National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), more
    Direct contact at institute:

Datasets (38)  Top | Institute | Datasets 
  • Amphiprion barberi, a new species of anemonefish (Pomacentridae) from Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa, more
  • Antarctic Biodiversity Studies 2006 (Ross Sea, Scott Island, and Balleny Islands) (TAN0602), more
  • Biogeography of near-shore reef fishes in northern New Zealand, more
  • Biological data from the Soviet Antarctic Expedition (1955-1958), more
  • Biological observations from the Dana Expedition Reports, more
  • Biological observations from the Discovery Investigations 1925-1935, more
  • British Antarctic ("Terra Nova") Expedition, 1910-1913, more
  • Cnidaria Anthozoa: Azooxanthellate Scleractinia from the Philippine and Indonesian regions, more
  • Cnidaria Anthozoa: Deep-water azooxanthellate Scleractinia from Vanuatu, and Wallis and Futuna Islands, more
  • Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Endemic Brachyuran Family Bythograeidae, more
  • Distribution of Hydrothermal Alvinocaridid Shrimps, more
  • Distribution of surface phytoplankton between New Zealand and Antarctica, December 1957, more
  • Ecsenius niue, new species of blenniid fish, and new distribution records for other species in the Opsifrontalis species group, more
  • Extensive sympatry, cryptic diversity and introgression throughout the Indo-Pacific distribution of two coral species complexes, more
  • Extent of Mangrove Nursery Habitats Determines the Geographic Distribution of a Coral Reef Fish in a South-Pacific Archipelago, more
  • Five new species of the damselfish genus Chromis (Perciformes: Labroidei: Pomacentridae) from deep coral reefs in the tropical western Pacific, more
  • Jasus caverum (Crustacea: Decapoda: Palinuridae) from the eastern South Pacific Ocean, more
  • Marine biological observation data from coastal and offshore surveys around New Zealand, more
  • Marine species citizen-science observations from NatureWatch NZ, more
  • Modern foraminifera in the New Zealand EEZ, more
  • Muricidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from Fiji and Tonga, more
  • New Zealand research tagging database, more
  • NZOBIS: Southwestern Pacific Ocean Biodiversity Information System, more
  • Ostracods of the family Halocyprididae from the northwestern Indian Ocean, more
  • Protected species bycatch in New Zealand fisheries, more
  • Rhodolith Beds in Northern New Zealand: Characterisation of Associated Biodiversity, more
  • Ross Sea Biodiversity Survey 2004 (BioRoss), more
  • Sizing Ocean Giants, more
  • South Western Pacific Regional OBIS Data Habitat-forming Cold Water Corals Subset, more
  • Soviet Trawl Fishery Data (New Zealand Waters) 1964-1987, more
  • Survey of algae, sponges, and ascidians, Fiji, 2007, more
  • The Azooxanthellate Scleractinia (Coelenterata: Anthozoa) of Australia, more
  • The ceratioid anglerfishes (Lophiiformes: Ceratioidei) of New Zealand, more
  • The Living Columbariinae (Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Turbinellidae), more
  • The New Zealand triplefin Grahamina signata (Teleostei; Tripterygiidae): A junior synonym of G.gymnota from Tasmania, more
  • Vulnerable marine ecosystems in the South Pacific Ocean region, more
  • White shark tagging off New Zealand, more
  • Xanthichthys greenei, a new species of triggerfish (Balistidae) from the Line Islands, more

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