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Phaeocystis, major link in the biogeochemical cycling of climate-relevant elements
Van Leeuwe, M.A.; Stefels, J.; Belviso, S.; Lancelot, C.; Verity, P.G.; Gieskes, W.W.C. (Ed.) (2007). Phaeocystis, major link in the biogeochemical cycling of climate-relevant elements. Biogeochemistry, 83(1-3). Springer: Dordrecht. ISBN 978-1-4020-6213-1. 330 pp.
Part of: Biogeochemistry. Springer: Dordrecht; Lancaster; Boston. ISSN 0168-2563; e-ISSN 1573-515X, more
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Whipple, S.J.; Patten, B.C.; Verity, P.G.; Frischer, M.E.; Long, J.D.; Nejstgaard, J.C.; Anderson, J.T.; Jacobsen, A.; Larsen, A.; Martinez-Martinez, J.; Borrett, S.R. (2007). Gaining integrated understanding of Phaeocystis spp. (Prymnesiophyceae) through model-driven laboratory and mesocosm studies. Biogeochemistry 83(1-3): 293-309., more
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    VLIZ: Aquatic communities PBC.99 [132071]

    Aquatic communities > Plankton
    Climatic changes
    Cycles > Chemical cycles > Geochemical cycle > Biogeochemical cycle
    Nutrients (mineral)
    Phaeocystis Lagerheim, 1893 [WoRMS]

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  • Van Leeuwe, M.A., editor
  • Stefels, J., editor
  • Belviso, S., editor
  • Lancelot, C., editor, more
  • Verity, P.G., editor
  • Gieskes, W.W.C., editor

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