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Growth and competition of dinoflagellates in culture media with different N:P ratios
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De Rijcke, M.; Orellana, G.; De Schamphelaere, K.A.C.; Vandegehuchte, M.; Vanhaecke, L.; Janssen, C.R.; Ghent University (2017): Growth and competition of dinoflagellates in culture media with different N:P ratios.

Availability: Creative Commons License This dataset is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Four common dinoflagellate species (Prorocentrum micans, Prorocentrum lima, Protoceratium reticulatum & Scrippsiella trochoidea) were grown in 240 single and 60 mixed cultures covering 10 different N:P ratios (between 8 and 24) and two temperature scenarios (20°C and 24°C). Cell counts, nutrient measurements and toxin extractions were made. Overall, the N:P ratio did not affect the individual performance of the algae and, hence, had no structuring role in the competition between dinoflagellates.

Biology > Plankton > Phytoplankton, Environmental quality/pollution > Pollution levels & monitoring
Marine/Coastal, Global change, Harmful dinoflagellates, Nutrient, Nutrient stoichiometry, World Coastal Waters, Dinophyceae, Prorocentrum Ehrenberg, 1834, Prorocentrum lima (Ehrenberg) F.Stein, 1878, Prorocentrum micans Ehrenberg, 1834, Protoceratium reticulatum (Claparède & Lachmann) Bütschli, 1885, Scrippsiella trochoidea (F.Stein) A.R.Loeblich III, 1976

Geographical coverage
World Coastal Waters

Temporal coverage
2012 - 2017

Taxonomic coverage
Dinophyceae [WoRMS]
Prorocentrum Ehrenberg, 1834 [WoRMS]
Prorocentrum lima (Ehrenberg) F.Stein, 1878 [WoRMS]
Prorocentrum micans Ehrenberg, 1834 [WoRMS]
Protoceratium reticulatum (Claparède & Lachmann) Bütschli, 1885 [WoRMS]
Scrippsiella trochoidea (F.Stein) A.R.Loeblich III, 1976 [WoRMS]

Count of cells Methodology , Intracellular toxin concentrations Methodology , Nutrients Methodology
Count of cells: Sedgewick-rafter cell counts
Intracellular toxin concentrations: HPLC
Nutrients: Spectrophotometric test kits

Universiteit Gent; Faculteit Bio-ingenieurswetenschappen; Vakgroep Toegepaste ecologie en milieubiologie; Laboratorium voor Milieutoxicologie en aquatische ecologie; Onderzoeksgroep voor Milieutoxicologie (ECOTOX), moredata creator
Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee (VLIZ), moredata manager

Dataset status: Completed
Data type: Data
Data origin: Research: experiment
Metadatarecord created: 2017-06-26
Information last updated: 2017-07-27
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