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Afdeling Malacologie (IRScNB/KBIN)

English name: Departement Malacology
Parent institute: Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen; Operationele Directie Taxonomie en Fylogenie (IRScNB/KBIN), more

Thesaurus terms (3) : Coral reefs; Marine fauna; Marine molluscs
Taxonomic terms (10) : Bivalvia [WoRMS]; Coralliophilidae Chenu, 1859 [WoRMS]; Echinodermata [WoRMS]; Gastropoda [WoRMS]; Holothuroidea [WoRMS]; Littorinidae Children, 1834 [WoRMS]; Mollusca [WoRMS]; Porifera [WoRMS]; Tapes (Ruditapes) decussatus (Linnaeus, 1758) [WoRMS]; Tapes (Ruditapes) philippinarum (A. Adams & Reeve, 1850) [WoRMS]
Geographical terms (2) : Indonesia [Marine Regions]; Melanesia
Vautierstraat 29
1000 Brussel
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Type: Scientific
Level: Section

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  • Peer reviewed article Houart, R. (2022). Report of a third specimen of Ingensia brithys Houart, 2001 (Gastropoda: Muricidae) from New Caledonia. Novapex (Jodoigne) 23(2): 85-86, more
  • Peer reviewed article Marshall, B.A.; Houart, R. (2022). New species and genera of Muricidae (MoUusca: Gastropoda) from New Zealand. Novapex (Jodoigne) 23(1): 1-26, more
  • Peer reviewed article Terryn, Y. (2022). Two new species of Terebridae from Ecuador. Neptunea 15(4): 35-40, more
  • Peer reviewed article Aydin, M.; Biltekin, D.; Breugelmans, K.; Backeljau, T. (2021). First record, DNA identification and morphometric characterization of Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas (Thunberg, 1793) in the southern Black Sea. Bioinvasions Records 10(4): 838-852. https://dx.doi.org/10.3391/bir.2021.10.4.08, more
  • Peer reviewed article Houart, R. (2021). The Muricidae (Gastropoda) described from Mauritius by Tapparone Canefri in 1881. Novapex (Jodoigne) 22(4): 133-136, more
  • Peer reviewed article Sirenko, B.; Anseeuw, B. (2021). Caribbochiton guadeloupensis n. gen et n. sp. (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) from the Caribbean Sea. Moll. Res. 41(3): 183-190. https://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13235818.2021.1941726, more
  • Peer reviewed article Koudenoukpo, Z.C.; Odountan, O.H.; Van Bocxlaer, B.; Sablon, R.; Chikou, A.; Backeljau, T. (2020). Checklist of the fresh and brackish water snails (Mollusca, Gastropoda) of Bénin and adjacent West African ecoregions. ZooKeys 942(942): 21-64. https://dx.doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.942.52722, more
  • Peer reviewed article Houart, R. (2019). Description of Chicoreus (Triplex) franzettiae n.sp. (Gastropoda: Muricidae) from the Philippine Islands. Novapex (Jodoigne) 20(3): 97-100, more
  • Peer reviewed article Houart, R.; Rosado, J. (2019). Monstrotyphis anapaulae n.sp. a remarkable new Typhinae (Gastropoda: Muricidae) from Mozambique. Novapex (Jodoigne) 20(4): 121-126, more
  • Peer reviewed article Massin, C.; Wittoeck, J.; Hostens, K. (2014). Leptosynapta inhaerens (O.F. Müller 1776) (Echinodermata, Holothuroidea): a new record for the Belgian marine waters. Belg. J. Zool. 144(2): 112-119, more
  • Peer reviewed article Massin, C. (2013). Holothuria (Selenkothuria) parvispinea n. sp. (Echinodermata, Hololthuroidea, Holothuriidae) with key to the sub-genus Selenkothuria. Zootaxa 3609(3): 343-348. dx.doi.org/10.11646/zootaxa.3609.3.9, more
  • Peer reviewed article Modica, M.V.; Verhecken, A.; Oliverio, M. (2011). The relationships of the enigmatic neogastropod Loxotaphrus (Cancellariidae). N.Z. J. Geol. Geophys. 54(1): 115-124. dx.doi.org/10.1080/00288306.2011.537610, more
  • Peer reviewed article Verhecken, A. (2011). Two cases of epizoic association of a species of Cancellariidae (Neogastropoda: Cancellarioidea) with another mollusc or an isopod species. Gloria Maris 50(3-4): 101-106, more
  • Peer reviewed article Zintzen, V.; Massin, C. (2010). Artificial hard substrata from the Belgian part of the North Sea and their influence on the distributional range of species. Belg. J. Zool. 140(1): 20-29, more
  • Peer reviewed article Anseeuw, B.; Marshall, B.A.; Terryn, Y. (2009). The New Zealand chitons Ischnochiton luteoroseus Suter, 1907 and Ischnochiton granulifer Thiele, 1909 (Mollusca: Polyplacophora). Moll. Res. 29(3): 147-154, more
  • Peer reviewed article Avila, S.P.; da Silva, C.M.; Schiebel, R.; Cecca, F.; Backeljau, T.; Martins, A.M.D. (2009). How did they get here? The biogeography of the marine molluscs of the Azores. Bull. Soc. Géol. Fr. 180(4): 295-307, more
  • Peer reviewed article Zintzen, V.; Kerckhof, F. (2009). The sponge-inhabiting barnacle Acasta spongites (Poli, 1795) (Crustacea, Cirripedia), a first record for the southern North Sea: how artificial habitats may increase the range of a species. Belg. J. Zool. 139(2): 166-168, more
  • Peer reviewed article Van den Broeck, H.; Breugelmans, K.; De Wolf, H.; Backeljau, T. (2008). Completely disjunct mitochondrial DNA haplotype distribution without a phylogeographic break in a planktonic developing gastropod. Mar. Biol. (Berl.) 153(3): 421-429. dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00227-007-0820-z, more
  • Peer reviewed article Verbinnen, G.; Wils, E. (2008). Red Sea Mollusca: part 26. Class: Gastropoda, Family: Naticidae, Genus: Natica Scopoli, 1777. Gloria Maris 47(1-2): 30-40, more
  • Peer reviewed article Samyn, Y.; Vandenspiegel, D.; Massin, C. (2006). A new Indo-West Pacific species of Actinopyga (Holothuroidea: Aspidochirotida: Holothuriidae). Zootaxa 1138(1138): 53-68, more
  • Peer reviewed article Zintzen, V.; Massin, C.; Norro, A.; Mallefet, J. (2006). Epifaunal inventory of two shipwrecks from the Belgian Continental Shelf. Hydrobiologia 555(1): 207-219. https://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10750-005-1117-1, more
  • Peer reviewed article Samyn, Y.; VandenSpiegel, D.; Massin, C. (2005). Sea cucumbers of the Comoros Archipelago. SPC Beche-de-mer Information Bulletin 22: 14-18, more
  • Peer reviewed article Rosenheim, B.E.; Swart, P.K.; Thorrold, S.R.; Willenz, P.; Berry, L.; Latkoczy, C. (2004). High-resolution Sr/Ca records in sclerosponges calibrated to temperature in situ. Geology (Boulder Colo.) 32(2): 145-148. dx.doi.org/10.1130/G20117.1, more
  • Peer reviewed article Verhecken, A. (2002). Atlantic bathyal Cancellariidae (Neogastropoda : Cancellarioidea): Additional data, and description of a new species. J. Conch., Lond. 37: 505-514, more
  • Peer reviewed article De Wolf, H.; Jordaens, K.; Reusens, E.; Blust, R.; Backeljau, T. (2001). Esterase variation in the periwinkle Littorina littorea, along the western and eastern Scheldt estuarium. Mar. Environ. Res. 52(4): 373-382. dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0141-1136(01)00091-5, more
  • Peer reviewed article Bruyndoncx, L.; Jordaens, K.; De Wolf, H.; Meire, P.; Backeljau, T. (2000). New records of Assiminea grayana Fleming, 1828, Myosotella myosotis (Draparnaud, 1801) and Pisidium subtruncatum Malm, 1855 (Mollusca: Gastropoda, Bivalvia) in the Scheldt estuary. Bull. K. Belg. Inst. Nat. Wet. 70: 103-106, more
  • Houart, R.; Vermeij, G.J.; Wiedrick, S.G. (2019). New taxa and new synonymy in Muricidae (Neogastropoda: Pagodulinae, Trophoninae, Ocenebrinae) from the Northeast Pacific. Zoosymposia 13(1): 184. https://dx.doi.org/10.11646/zoosymposia.13.1.20, more
  • Zintzen, V.; Massin, C.; Norro, A.; Mallefet, J. (2007). Epifaunal inventory of two shipwrecks from the Belgian Continental Shelf, in: Zintzen, V. Biodiversity of shipwrecks from the Southern Bight of the North Sea. pp. 87-110, more
  • Zintzen, V.; Massin, C.; Norro, A.; Mallefet, J. (2006). Epifaunal inventory of two shipwrecks from the Belgian Continental Shelf, in: Queiroga, H. et al. Marine biodiversity: patterns and processes, assessment, threats, management and conservation: Proceedings of the 38th European Marine Biology Symposium, held in Aveiro, Portugal, 8-12 September 2003. Developments in Hydrobiology, 183: pp. 207-219. https://dx.doi.org/10.1007/1-4020-4697-9_17, more
  • Massin, C. (1992). Quelques aspects de la biologie des Coralliophilidae et plus particulièrement du genre Leptoconchus. Apex (Brux.) Hors série: 19-20, more

Projects (24)  Top | Persons | Publications | Dataset 
  • Tapes decussatus and T. philippinarum (Mollusca, Bivalvia), more
  • BEWREMABI: Belgian Shipwreck: hotspots for Marine Biodiversity, more
  • Biodiversity of the Camaenidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in Papua New Guinea, more
  • CALMARS II: Critical evaluation of marine calcareous skeletons as recorders of global climate change, more
  • CALMARS: Validation of alternative marine calcareous skeletons as recorders of global climate change, more
  • Descriptions and redescriptions of species of the gastropod families Rissoidae, Caecidae, Omalogyridae, more
  • Effecten van anthropogene stress (zware metalen, gechloreerde koolwaterstoffen en thermale vervuiling) op de genetische structuur van natuurlijke populaties van intertidale ongewervelden, more
  • Geïntegreerde, multidisciplinaire studie van speciatie en adaptatieve radiatie aan de hand van enkele zoölogische probleemgroepen uit terrestrische en lacustriene milieus. I, more
  • Geïntegreerde, multidisciplinaire studie van speciatie en adaptatieve radiatie aan de hand van enkele zoölogische probleemgroepen uit terrestrische en lacustriene milieus. II, more
  • Growth rate of a Mediterranean pharetronid sponge, Petrobiona massiliana (Porifera, Calcarea), more
  • Niet-inheemse soorten in het Belgisch deel van de Noordzee en omliggende estuaria, more
  • Phylogeography, population and eco-genetics of European marine and terrestrial molluscs, more
  • Populatiegenetische structuur en cryptische diversiteit van vrijlevende mariene nematoden : beschrijving en implicaties voor het functioneren van populaties en ecosystemen., more
  • Population genetics and morphological variation of Littorinidae, more
  • Population genetics and phylogeny of periwinkle (Littorinidae, Gasteropoda), more
  • Sclerosponges of the Caribbean Sea: biology, taxonomy and growth rate of hypercalcified sponges, more
  • Study of the Belgian recent and Quaternary, terrestrial, freshwater, brackish water and marine molluscan fauna, more
  • Study of the growth of giant clams (Tridacnidae, Bivalvia, Mollusca) in their natural environment, coral reefs, more
  • Study of the Indo-Pacific Gastropoda (numerous marine families, some terrestrial, mainly Camaenidae), more
  • Systematische studie van algae, fungi, plantae en invertebrata in het Indo-Melanesische gebied, more
  • Taxonomy of the Porifera of Easter Island, more
  • The collection Gustave Gilson as a historical reference framework for the Belgian marine fauna: feasibility study, more
  • The Hinder banks: yet an important region for the Belgian marine biodiversity?, more
  • Use of sclerosponges (Porifera) as biorecorders of environmental changes, more

Dataset  Top | Persons | Publications | Projects 
  • BEWREMABI dataset: Belgian Shipwreck - hotspots for Marine Biodiversity: Macrofauna on shipwrecks, more

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