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Consequences of estuarine management on hydrodynamics and ecological functioning: ECSA 38th Symposium - Rouen 2004 Co-organisation Seine-Aval Programme and ECSA
Lafite, R.; Garnier, J.; De Jonge, V.N. (Ed.) (2007). Consequences of estuarine management on hydrodynamics and ecological functioning: ECSA 38th Symposium - Rouen 2004 Co-organisation Seine-Aval Programme and ECSA. Hydrobiologia, 588. Springer: The Netherlands. 302 pp.
Part of: Hydrobiologia. Springer: The Hague. ISSN 0018-8158; e-ISSN 1573-5117, more
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  • Lafite, R., editor
  • Garnier, J., editor, more
  • De Jonge, V.N., editor, more

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