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RAMS: The Register of Antarctic Marine Species
De Broyer, C.; Clarke, A.; Koubbi, P.; Pakhomov, E.; Scott, F.; Vanden Berghe, E. and Danis, B. (Eds.) (2024). Register of Antarctic Marine Species. Accessed at https://www.marinespecies.org/rams on yyyy-mm-dd https://doi.org/10.15468/9gsaev
Contact: Danis, Bruno

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Availability: Creative Commons License This dataset is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

A register for the marine species of the Southern Ocean more

The objective of RAMS is to compile and manage an authoritative taxonomic list of species occurring in the Antarctic marine environment, for establishing a standard reference for marine biodiversity research, conservation and sustainable management.

The taxonomic scope of RAMS covers Antarctic species from the three realms of the Southern Ocean: the sea floor (meio-, macro- and megazoobenthos; micro- and macrophytobenthos), the water column (phytoplankton, zooplankton, nekton) and the sea-ice.

A series of preliminary species lists of Antarctic marine invertebrates, mostly for macrobenthic groups, were compiled by Andrew Clarke and Nadine Johnston of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), with funding from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and British Antarctic Survey. These lists have been or are being checked and updated by taxonomic experts.

RAMS is managed by an Editorial Board comprising an Executive Committee and associate Taxonomic Editors. The RAMS Executive Committee plays an advising role in the development of RAMS and proposes Taxonomic Editors. It links with the SCAR-MarBIN International Steering Committee. To allow RAMS to be as exhaustive and authoritative as possible, the role of the network of Taxonomic Editors is crucial. These Taxonomic Editors are world experts on the taxonomy of their relevant taxa and are in charge of the content and quality control of data for their specific group.

Main partners of RAMS are the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO), The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and The Total Foundation. Other partners involved are Census of Antarctic Marine Life, AWI (Germany) and the DFG (Germany).

Biology, Biology > Ecology - biodiversity
Marine/Coastal, Data, Marine Genomics, Marine invertebrates, Antarctica, PS, Southern Ocean, Acanthocephala, Annelida, Arthropoda, Bacteria, Brachiopoda, Bryozoa, Cephalorhyncha, Chaetognatha, Chordata, Chromista, Cnidaria, Ctenophora, Echinodermata, Echiura, Hemichordata, Mesozoa, Mollusca, Myxozoa, Nematoda, Nemertea, Plantae, Platyhelminthes, Porifera, Protozoa, Rotifera, Sipuncula, Tardigrada

Geographical coverage
Antarctica [Marine Regions]
PS, Southern Ocean [Marine Regions]

Temporal coverage
From 1758 on [In Progress]

Taxonomic coverage
Acanthocephala [WoRMS]
Annelida [WoRMS]
Arthropoda [WoRMS]
Bacteria [WoRMS]
Brachiopoda [WoRMS]
Bryozoa [WoRMS]
Cephalorhyncha [WoRMS]
Chaetognatha [WoRMS]
Chordata [WoRMS]
Chromista [WoRMS]
Cnidaria [WoRMS]
Ctenophora [WoRMS]
Echinodermata [WoRMS]
Echiura [WoRMS]
Hemichordata [WoRMS]
Mesozoa [WoRMS]
Mollusca [WoRMS]
Myxozoa [WoRMS]
Nematoda [WoRMS]
Nemertea [WoRMS]
Plantae [WoRMS]
Platyhelminthes [WoRMS]
Porifera [WoRMS]
Protozoa [WoRMS]
Rotifera [WoRMS]
Sipuncula [WoRMS]
Tardigrada [WoRMS]


De Broyer, Claudedata creatortaxonomic editor
Koubbi, Philippedata creatortaxonomic editor
Pakhomov, Evgenydata creatortaxonomic editor
Scott, Fionadata creatortaxonomic editor
Vanden Berghe, Edwarddata creator
Danis, Brunodata creatortaxonomic editor
Natural Environment Research Council; British Antarctic Survey (BAS), moredata owner
Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee (VLIZ), moredatabase developer
Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO), morepartner
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, morepartner
Allcock, Louisetaxonomic editor
Angel, Martintaxonomic editor
Arango, Claudiataxonomic editor
Artois, Tomtaxonomic editor
Barnes, Davidtaxonomic editor
Bartsch, Ilsetaxonomic editor
Bester, Marthantaxonomic editor
Blachowiak-Samolyk, Kasiataxonomic editor
Bohn, Jenstaxonomic editor
Brandão, Simonetaxonomic editor
Brandt, Angelikataxonomic editor
David, Brunotaxonomic editor
de Salas, Migueltaxonomic editor
Eleaume, Marctaxonomic editor
Emig, Christiantaxonomic editor
Fautin, Daphnetaxonomic editor
George, Kai-Horsttaxonomic editor
Gillan, Davidtaxonomic editor
Gooday, Andrewtaxonomic editor
Jangoux, Micheltaxonomic editor
Hopcroft, Russelltaxonomic editor
Janussen, Dortetaxonomic editor
Kouwenberg, Julianataxonomic editor
Kuklinski, Piotrtaxonomic editor
Ligowski, Ryszardtaxonomic editor
Lindsay, Dhugaltaxonomic editor
Linse, Katrintaxonomic editor
Longshaw, Matttaxonomic editor
Martin, Patricktaxonomic editor
Mühlenhardt-Siegel, Utetaxonomic editor
Munilla León, Tomastaxonomic editor
Neuhaus, Birgertaxonomic editor
Norenburg, Jontaxonomic editor
Ozouf-Costaz, Catherinetaxonomic editor
Peña Cantero, Álvaro Luistaxonomic editor
Perrin, Williamtaxonomic editor
Petryashov, Victortaxonomic editor
Piatkowski, Uwetaxonomic editor
Pierrot-Bults, Anneliestaxonomic editor
Rocka, Annataxonomic editor
Saiz Salinas, José Ignaciotaxonomic editor
Salvini-Plawen, Luitfriedtaxonomic editor
Scarabino, Victortaxonomic editor
Schiaparelli, Stefanotaxonomic editor
Schrödl, Michaeltaxonomic editor
Schwabe, Enricotaxonomic editor
Siciński, Jacektaxonomic editor
Siegel, Volkertaxonomic editor
Smirnov, Igortaxonomic editor
Thatje, Sventaxonomic editor
Utevsky, Andreitaxonomic editor
Vanreusel, Anntaxonomic editor
Wiencke, Christiantaxonomic editor
Woehler, Erictaxonomic editor
Zdzitowiecki, Krzysztoftaxonomic editor
Zeidler, Wolfgangtaxonomic editor

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Dataset status: In Progress
Data type: Data
Data origin: Literature research
Metadatarecord created: 2005-07-12
Information last updated: 2024-01-18
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