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Renewed for an even better unlocking of European marine biodiversity data

Added on 2015-05-29 13:13:35 by Fockedey, Nancy
By means of the grand data network project EMODnet (video), Europe aims in the forthcoming years to unlock all available marine observations and data in order to make them accessible to diverse users. Concerning the biological data, heaps of data and attractive data products are made freely available through the recently renewed website
The VLIZ is responsible for the integration and the unlocking of the biological marine data (EMODnet Biology) that European partners have been collecting – often yet for decades. Large amounts of data and observations in the European marine waters have been integrated now (however still a lot of work needs to be done). To avoid not seeing the wood for the trees, attractive data products have been developed to facilitate the interpretation by the most diverse users of the system (scientists, policy makers, private companies and citizens).
And now all is even better disclosed through the renewed website EMODnet Biology. Take a look to be convinced about the new functionalities and better user-friendliness:
•             The home menu has been redesigned, to draw the attention to specific new products and news items and to allow the user to enter the data system in one click.
•             The data portal is now fully integrated in the EMODnet Biology website.
•             There are direct links to animated temporal data products.
•             The data portal menu is divided into ‘Active layers’ and ‘All layers’, which allows you to add and navigate more easily between the data layers.
•             There are specific icons to change the order of the layers, hide and show the menu, change the opacity and enable or disable WFS queries.
•             You can now download and add to the data attribute table (via: hide/show columns) abundance and biomass data that have been provided through the ’MeasurmentorFacts’ extension.
The VLIZ welcomes any feedback, positive as well negative. Let us know if you encounter specific problems: Simon Claus >.
Keep an eye on the EMODnet Biology website, as new specific functionalities will be added in the near future (such as an increased data selection tool).


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