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EMODnet Data Products Workshop

Added on 2017-10-12 12:45:09 by Claus, Simon
Representatives from all four regional sea commissions, transatlantic partnerships, industry, conservation and management organisations met in London on the 10th October for an EMODnet Biology meeting to steer the development of key biological data products.

Following an initial set of presentations from EMODnet Biology partners to provide context and explain the current infrastructure and product provision, key stakeholders gave short  presentations outlining the approaches to biological data use in their organisations, and the gaps and requirements that EMODnet Biology could possibly address.  The sessions were broadly structured around three areas; Regional Sea Commissions, Global & Transatlantic Initiatives and Conservation & Management.  The issues that were identified shared many common elements, including the lack of interoperability, the degree of patchiness and heterogeneity across the data holdings and a lack of products to support key reporting requirements.
All participants had been invited to complete a pre-workshop questionnaire to inform the discussion in the afternoon’s breakout sessions.  Participants were asked to produce a wishlist of required data products that would support their operational needs, and what would be achievable based on the contextual information that had been provided in the morning’s presentations.

The subsequent plenary session developed the ideas and concepts identified in the breakout groups into tangible, practical and much needed data products and services that can be delivered within the current phase of EMODnet Biology.
The need for continued dialogue with the relevant stakeholders is key to the ongoing success of EMODnet Biology, and through this group of stakeholders we have an engaged and proactive community to ensure operational data products are developed to support the ongoing management of Europe’s marine environment.

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