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Nemertea Portal launched!

Added on 2017-05-05 15:28:54 by Vandepitte, Leen
The Nemertea are now available through their own Portal: the World Nemertea Database.
The World Nemertea Database was set up during their LifeWatch-WoRMS workshop, which took place on 24-25 April in the Flanders Marine Institute in Oostende, home of the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS).

The register currently contains 1.367 accepted species names, all of them verified by one of the three involved experts. Recent field-work suggests that a lot more Nemertean species remain to be named or discovered. One of the goals of this Portal is to keep up with newly described species and to make sure the latest taxonomic viewpoints are correctly reflected within the database.

Plans for the immediate future include uploading a large amount of pictures, and making available a comprehensive bibliography accompanied by about 2.200 PDFs of Nemertean-related literature. Besides these actions being invaluable to the scientific community working on Nemerteans, it is hoped that this will incentivize deeper participation by the Nemertean research community and help in making this group of worms a little bit less enigmatic…


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